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Simply place the bowl, dish or item you want protected on the plate.


You're home,  ANT FREE!

Use for pet food, honey, cakes, picnics, camping, pantries, bins, and so much more!

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So you have an ant problem?


Why put the repellent under the plate, you ask? 

Gravity , that’s why!

Being placed under the top plate provides the repellent with protection from dust and condensation settling on it. 

Both of theses factors can hinder the repellent effectiveness if it is simply sitting in a bowl or container. Or even on a ground level glue pad. 

(We know, we tried!)


Plus if a brave ant does try to cross. Gravity causes the repellent to come away under its feet. Making crossing the barrier impossible!


Not only does the repellent placement add to its effectiveness, it also keeps it hidden!


It may be all natural and non toxic but who wants curious children and pets getting covered in loose powder.

Our plate keeps the repellent where is is most useful. And out of sight. 

So no temping “sand” is visible to play with.

It's portable, so it's multi purpose! 

Outdoor weddings✔️

Camping ✔️ 

Picnics ✔️ 

Bbqs ✔️ 

Pantry ✔️

Pet bowls✔️

Best off all!

It's good for the environment

AND your wallet. 

A single large tub of raw honey being saved pretty much recovers the cost of the plate.

Try it! We know you'll be impressed! 

Can you even put a price

on a happy pet, getting to eat their meals

ant free? 

Well probably.......

But don't worry our

plates don't cost a fortune. 

And they lasts for years! 

Simply place the bowl, dish or item you want protected on the plate.


You're home,  ANT FREE!


Care is easy,

Simply wipe clean.

Our plate, is used to hold your plate, bowl or container, so it won't need a lot of washing.

Replacement repellent is available, cost effective, and super easy to apply.

We have a "how to video" on our FAQ page.

Maybe you've tried other "ant proof" products and have found them to be

messy, fiddly or they just plain didn't work.


Ant Proof Plate


It’s doesn't use poison, and it’s low maintenance.

It was built from the inventors need for ant free honey! 

And people who saw it were so excited,

they wanted one too. 


If you are tired of throwing away food!

If you are irritated with past product failures. 

If you just love the environment as much as we do, and don’t want to

spread more poison on the planet!

Ant proof plate is here to help!


It is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Why else would we offer a

60 day money back guarantee?


Our patented plate comes with repellent suspension glue pads, which keep

the non toxic repellent neatly out of the way! 

But PERFECTLY placed to stop ants in their tracks!


It comes fully loaded with repellent, and ready to use.



Just this one application of the natural non toxic repellent, 

diatomaceous earth, can last up to 3 years. 

So what are you waiting for?

No need to worry,

 We have the solution!

See it work here!

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