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Made with Non toxic repellent 

to stop your ant problems

Ant Proof Plate

Affordable, Lasts for years, Easy to clean, Portable, environmentally friendly

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Square Plate

185mm X 185mm

Repellent Included

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Rectangle Plate

305mm X 185mm

Repellent Included

Copy of Copy of Copy of $24.95 (2).png

Round Plate

275mm DI

Repellent Included

What can I use these for?

Pet Bowls, Outdoor Weddings, Camping, Picnics, BBQs, Pantry

How does it work?

Natural non-toxic repellent is placed neatly out of the way by using repellent suspension glue pads to stop ants in their tracks. The repellent is physically too sharp for the ants to walk on therefore ants are not willing to even walk on it.  

Why should I buy this?

Affordable, Repellent lasts for years, easy to clean, portable, environmentally friendly.

FREE shipping, 60 day money back guarantee, Australian Owned and made!

What is included?

The plate of your choice (rectangle, square, round)

Fully loaded with repellent

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