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  • Is the plate portable?
    Yes. The repellents placement under the top plate keeps it secure when being moved around. Making it perfect to take camping and on picnics The plate comes pre-loaded with repellent.
  • What if the ants build a tolerance to the repellent?
    No. The diatoms are a physical barrier, so building a tolerance it not possible. Also the clever placement of the repellent adds the element of gravity to the plates effectivness. Any ant brave enough to try to cross the diatom barrier will simply fall off the repellent surface.
  • Can dust build up on the repellent?
    No, the placement of the repellent under the top plate stops this being an issue. if proper care intructions are followed. Note. When not in use, always store your ant proof plate with the base on a flat surface to prevent dust or residue settling on the repellent and creating a barrier over it for ants to walk on.
  • What if my pet eats the repellent?
    The repellent is Non-Toxic. Also, it is placed under the top plate, tucked away from the parts of the plate your pet will be able to access. Unless the plate is damaged, like in the case of chewing. In that case, Diatomacious Earth (the repellent we use) is completely harmless to humans and our furry friends. However if you have a pet snail, they will not be so lucky, as diatoms are lethal to them as well as ants.
  • How often do I need to re-apply the repellent?
    The plate comes pre-loaded with repellent, which with proper care can last up to 3 years. New repellent can be applied by simply unscrewing the bottom plate and rubbing new diatoms onto the glued surface of the top plate, then re-attaching the base plate with the screws. Note. When putting the screws back in please take care to not thread the plastic.
  • Can I wash my Ant Proof Plate?
    Yes. see video below. Note; Washing your plate will wash off the pre-applied repellent. and it will need to be replaced, as per video. The plate only really needs a genlte wipe over in most cases. However, if you want to wash your plate , we sell replacement repellent, which is applied by simple unscrewing the bottom plate , and rubbing new diatomacous earth onto the glued undersurface of the top plate. Then reattaching the base with the screws. Please note, DO NOT scrub the glue surface under the plate , it only needs to be rinsed, and allowed to dry before re applying the repellent.
  • My Ant Proof Plate was working great, but its stopped...WHY?"
    Ant Proof Plate is a PHYSICAL barrier deterent. So ants cannot build up a tolerance. that means if the plate has stopped working, the physical barrier has been bypassed. there are 2 common ways this can happen. First; Water. Check if your Ant proof Plate has been wet, If it has, some of the repellent may have been washed away, leaving a path for the ants to walk through. See image. Second; Check if there is something under or next to the plate that could be letting the ants bypass the repellent pad. See video.

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