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"I'm impressed. I've tried so many alternate methods of solving my ant in the pet bowl problem and this is the first one that's worked."
"The best thing since sliced bread!!
Since getting this plate we have not had one single ant in our dogs bowl.
Before we used Ant Proof Plate a huge army of ants would be in our dogs bowl within minutes of putting his food down.
This was very distressing as our dog is allergic to ants.
Now he can eat to his hearts content all day with no danger.
What a great product."
Got my plates, and the replacement repellent a few weeks ago.
My chihuahuas have been happily eating their food ant free ever since.
Great product. Wish I’d found it sooner!.
"Our poor dogs food was getting overrun in minutes by ants. This fixed the problem instantly.
I want one for my cat and cakes now."
"This is the best product ever made and I can't wait for more sizes and shapes in the future.
Great Job!
I love having no Ants!"
I’m addicted to these plates! I now use them in my food cupboard as well as my dog’s food and water bowls.
The major test was when I went camping this week...I brought along my ant proof plate, and
I could not of been happier.
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