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Stopping ants in their tracks.

Amazingly, this revolutionary products story began in the school playground.

As an adult, product inventor Lee O'Connor (left) found his jar of honey regularly inundated with ants. 

And while trying to think of a solution, he had a memory of his childhood. 

He remembered that while playing with chalk, he had noticed an interesting phenomenon. If you drew a line in front of ants, they refused to cross it.

This gave him an idea.


Further research uncovered the reason behind this, (because it disrupts the pheromone pathway they are following) and an even better, long lasting, not toxic ant deterrent, Diatomaceous earth. This fossilised plant material, while harmless to humans and pets, is lethal for ants to walk on.  

Realising that condensation and settled dust would inhibit the effectiveness of the diatoms, Lee created a product that could not only protect his honey against, but would also last for up to 3 years per repellent application*, and is free of the sort of poisons and mess that other ant repelling products involved.

The plates clever repellent suspending design, utilises gravity, and allows the unique repellent placement to be possible, so even the most brave and eager ant will be deterred.

And there you have it, that is how the ant proof plate concept was born.


Together with his business partner and long time friend Bryan Herbert (right)  Lee has taken ANT PROOF PLATE, from concept to the sleek patented product we sell today.

*if correct care instructions are followed

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